I program in Unity (C#). As if video editing didn't keep me strapped to my computer screen enough, I decided to take up programming.



A 2D platformer where you solve puzzles, evade enemies, and maneuver obstacle-oriented levels, all with Emble by your side.

There will be times when Emble will make it more difficult to pass a level, and there will be times when it will be easier, but it is all part of the journey. You'll complete your own story, together



a procedurally generated 2D platformer whose story remains a force to be reckoned with. A lot of the text is in German as an homage to the philosopher on which this game is based. 

The game is procedurally generated so the experience is different each time you play.I've been told it's difficult.


Pet Sitting

This game is a piece of a larger research project at the University of California at Davis. It's a children's game meant to form a positive association to vegetables. Click on the falling veggies to feed them to the animals. Collect at least one star per level to unlock the next level!