About me

I once did a backflip through a flaming hoop set over shark infested waters. I escaped with only minor burns and a sprained ankle. Totally worth it, though, because now the ladies love me.

None of that is true. Especially not the last bit. I just needed to get your attention.

Hi! I’m Priscilla, video editor in the digital-verse. I've been working in digital video for 4 years, spending most of that time either on set or in post. I've seen the process from beginning to end and have a well-rounded understanding of digital production. This experience has come from (of course) editing videos, but also from directing, sitting in the writing room, and even working in the digital department of a talent agency where we hashed out the best way to grow one’s digital footprint.

Most recently, I was a video editor intern at Cooking Panda, where I prepped footage, archived projects, and provided comic relief (this is where I learned the hard way that puns are very hit-and-miss jokes). Now, I'm a freelancer at Eclasstic, an e-learning company, helping them create viral marketing content to help grow their brand. I'm hoping to keep building a career in digital video production and hope to one day be considered someone who really understands the digital ecosystem (although that benchmark admittedly changes with each shift of Facebook's algorithm). Let's make cool stuff!