About me

I once did a backflip through a flaming hoop set over shark infested waters. I escaped with only minor burns and a sprained ankle. Totally worth it, though, because now the ladies love me.

None of that is true. Especially not the last bit. I just needed to get your attention.

Hi! I’m Priscilla, video editor in the digital-verse. I've been working in digital video for 4 years, spending most of that time either on set or in post. I've seen the process from beginning to end and have a well-rounded understanding of digital production. This experience has come from editing content itself, directing, sitting in the writing room, and even working in the digital department of a talent agency where we worked with influencers directly to grow their digital footprints.

Most recently, I was a AE at Cooking Panda, where I prepped footage, archived projects, and provided comic relief (this is where I learned the hard way that puns are very hit-and-miss jokes). Now, I'm a freelancer at Iridescent, an e-learning company, helping them create viral videos for their channels. Let's make cool stuff!