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What's the best way for people to view your content? Force it all into a minute-long video that hopefully doesn't bore anyone to the point where they stop watching! Then distribute it to anyone who MIGHT be interested (on the off chance that they fall in love with you and your work). This is my reel.

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Short Film: BOX


Box is a short film about, you guessed it, a box. Specifically a box's journey. 

This little number was created by myself and my friend, Jacob Mederos. It also won Best Screenplay at the UC Davis film festival in 2015

Web Show: Aggie NOW


Once upon a time, a group of college kids decided they wanted to make a weekly webshow.

"How hard could it be?" They asked, naively.

So, so naively, Aggie NOW was born.

I spent the next year directing and editing Aggie NOW. What was then a tumultuous time of little sleep and stressful deadlines is now a fond memory of little sleep and stressful deadlines. This show is still going on today.


Short Film: Lifecycle


I saw a penny fall out of a washing machine so I told my sister we had to make a short film about pennies

Documentary: Social


Social is a documentary by Priscilla Zambrano and Jack Hudnall about our use of social media in daily life and the unnoticed impact it has. Selected for the UC Davis Film Festival 2016


Videography: Taste of Yolo Festival, 2017


On June 10th, Visit Yolo held its Taste of Yolo Festival at Davis Central Park! This event featured the amazing food, craft beer, and wine that Yolo County has to offer. Explore the Visit Yolo website to learn more about Yolo County and its attractions!